Borehole & Shaft Inspection

Inuktun for Borehole & Shaft InspectionApplications

Where confined space entry limits visual inspection, Inuktun’s remote camera and crawler systems shine with its evolving design capabilities to be smaller and go further than industry norms. Our proven technology can be found providing downhole video in drilled boreholes, mining shafts, wells, sinkholes, underground bunkers, and various reservoirs. Whether a routine assessment or emergency response situation, Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology can provide critical data in real-time from tight spaces.
Seen being used in drilled boreholes and risers on the History Channel’s hit television show, The Curse of Oak Island, our IM3 technology has been used in an extensive range of other confined space applications including:

  • Surveys of open and cased wells, the location of lost materials like pumps or tools, and finding ground water pollution and/or ground water contamination inflows
  • Assessment of mine shafts and filling operations or hazardous entries, freeway expansion joints, and the degree of subsidence, roof sag, pillar or rib spalling, punching, in-mine water conditions and other features in boreholes, sinkholes or shafts in abandoned mines
  • Characterization of shafts or underground cavities, sink holes, and the examination of stratification, faults, fractures, joints, fissures and drilling washouts, as well as areas of high water production in open-hole applications
  • Identification of areas of sand infiltration, screen encrustation and clogging, and breaches in cased bores
  • Reclamation project analysis for landslides and unstable refuse lands
  • Mapping geological features in geophysical exploration and logging
  • Discovery and inspection of underground bunkers, tunnels and tanks
  • Structural analysis of Karez or manmade underground water systems
  • Work related to salvage dive inspections

Because of its adaptive design approach, our IM3 technology can be modified to integrate specific sensors and tooling for your remote inspection, sensing and handling needs. With standard options like lasers for on-screen size measurement or manipulator arms with multiple jaw sets, our product offerings enable operators and owners to reach the unreachable and see the unseen. Safely. Efficiently. Right on time.

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