Locate conduits, post-tension cables, and rebar/reinforcing wire mesh Detect current carrying cables.

GPR is now widely used for assessing the interior of concrete structures. When cutting and coring for renovation and repair, avoiding reinforcing, post-tension cables and embedded conduits is a priority. GPR can sense both metallic and non-metallic features making it a versatile imaging tool. Construction records for many buildings are not readily available and construction often differs from design resulting in GPR being the only way to assure what is there

Evaluating Concrete Imaging
Post-Tension Cables & Rebar
Plastic & Metal Conduits
Slab Thickness
Power Cable Responses
Main Power Line Location
Hidden Electric Cable

Sensors & Software provides a range of GPR systems and configurations for  infrastructure assessment. For more than a decade the proven RoadMap system has provided highway speed, ground-coupled GPR surveys. Conquest and Noggin SmartCart deployment platforms have provided smaller scale solutions. To address the need for quick deployment and large area coverage, the lightweight and readily shipped SmartChariot platform has been introduced .

To complement the SmartChariot and the other acquisition platforms, the EKKO_Project  PC-based software has two analysis modules which enable concrete bridge deck and pavement structure assessment and reporting. This reporting software allows operators to follow an established methodology to easily interpret the data and   generate reports in PDF format or export to other database systems. These hardware and software tools provide a total solution to assess common critical infrastructure.

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