Inuktun for Pipe Inspection Applications

From drinking water to crude oil, sewage to radioactive material, pipelines are used around the world to transport a variety of contents every day. It’s no secret that millions of miles of pipeline infrastructure are operating beyond their intended design life with no, or very limited, condition information. Prone to damage by corrosion, cracking and potential design flaws, pipelines require regular remote visual inspection to help ensure structural integrity and regulation compliance as well as verify the remaining useful life of infrastructure. Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology assists with improving practical planning, reducing operating and safety risks, and increasing profitability for pipeline owners internationally.

Our IM3 technology can be found inspecting:

  • Difficult and unpiggable pipelines
  • Process, sewer and storm drains
  • Process pipes
  • Trenchless construction and civil engineering operations
  • High energy pipes
  • Boiler, furnace tubes and HVAC ducting
  • Transmission and distribution lines

Whether identifying surface indications to locating undiscovered buried piping segments, our robotic camera and crawler systems are able to identify specific areas that require further investigation. This includes leak detection, pipe wall assessment, and weld integrity. With a baseline condition from inspection, operators and owners can make informed decisions for immediate renewal and preventative maintenance, allowing them to effectively manage their assets through re-inspection and future capital planning.
With a universal goal of no unplanned downtime, IM3 technology performs in-service pipe inspection promoting time and cost efficiencies, ensuring environment and human safety, and endorsing the long term reliable performance of pipeline infrastructure.
The integrity of pipelines rely on the integrity of its inspection equipment; Inuktun’s proven cameras and crawlers offer accurate, reliable and repeatable data in real time. Twenty-four seven, 360 degrees.

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