Pressure Vessel Inspection

Inuktun for Pressure Vessel Applications

Because pressure vessels provide one of several boundaries that keep potentially hazardous material contained and out of the environment, it is critical that remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing are performed to certify the compliance and fitness for service of these structures. Inuktun’s adaptable and customer-centric camera and crawler systems are used to detect structural flaws in process plant equipment, giving owners and operators the essential data they need for effective and efficient operations.

More specifically, our robotic camera and crawler systems:

  • Inspect vessel head nozzles
  • Evaluate expansion joints in transfer lines
  • Perform ultrasonic testing for weld inspection
  • Detect flaws and surface breaking defects
  • Provide risk assessment of critical factors such as design, cyclic fatigue and product induced corrosion
  • Locate suspect areas internally for supplemental external analysis
  • Remove the need for stopping service, cleaning or emptying vessels, or requirement of scaffolding

Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology is designed to handle the high temperatures, potentially hazardous atmospheres, confined space entry and varying accesses, and other divergent circumstances that arise with pressure vessel inspections. The inherent dangers of manually inspecting pressure vessels found in the power generation industries are minimized with our remote inspection systems eliminating the need for human entry. IM3 technology translates into the tremendous reduction of work related health and safety risks, less downtime of the vessel and lowered costs during turnarounds.
An easy-to-use control interface allows for plug-and-play performance when time and budgets are emphasized. Our proprietary software empowers inspectors to prepare immediate test results with onsite reporting for their clients. These periodic nondestructive in-service inspections provide relevant criteria of structural integrity of primary pressure components right on time. Every time.

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