Roads and Bridges

Measure pavement layer thicknesses, road structure assessment, and bridge deck deterioration analysis.

Public and private infrastructure is in dire need of maintenance and repair – we constantly hear media reports about collapsing bridges, water main breaks and the failure of busy roads due to subsurface sinkholes.

To effectively allocate funds, there needs to be more systematic evaluation of structural integrity to develop meaningful indicators of current safety level and projected asset life expectancy.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) in the USA has published several studies that tested various NDE technologies for road and bridge inspections. For many of these applications Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) received the highest ranking for non-destructive evaluation technology.

Road pavements and sub-base materials provide unique opportunities for using GPR. GPR’s ability to penetrate asphalt and concrete pavements and detect and delineate subsurface structure delivers invaluable information for asset management and maintenance planning. Being able to ascertain the construction practice, determine pavement thickness and locate variations in the base coarse leads to informed maintenance and repair expenditures.

Construction Practice Zoning
Construction Practice Classifications
Evaluation of Bridge Deck
Inspection & Condition Reports
Pavement Structure Reports
Measure Asphalt and Granular Thickness
Pavement Forensics

Sensors & Software provides a range of GPR systems and configurations for  infrastructure assessment. For more than a decade the proven RoadMap system has provided highway speed, ground-coupled GPR surveys. Conquest and Noggin SmartCart deployment platforms have provided smaller scale solutions. To address the need for quick deployment and large area coverage, the lightweight and readily shipped SmartChariot platform has been introduced .

To complement the SmartChariot and the other acquisition platforms, the EKKO_Project  PC-based software has two analysis modules which enable concrete bridge deck and pavement structure assessment and reporting. This reporting software allows operators to follow an established methodology to easily interpret the data and   generate reports in PDF format or export to other database systems. These hardware and software tools provide a total solution to assess common critical infrastructure.

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