Subsea Inspection

Inuktun for Subsea Inspection Applications

The structural inspection of subsea infrastructure often involves rope access technicians and specialty trained divers to collect information on integrity and potential issues found. While this may have proven to work in the past, technological advances are demonstrating how using an amphibious robot can save time, money, and most importantly, human risk factors in hostile marine environments. Inuktun’s lineup of Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology offers cost-effective solutions for subsea inspection, maintenance and cleaning — without putting inspectors in a potentially hazardous environment.

Our goal is not to replace people, but instead provide tools that enable access to areas that are too dangerous or remote for direct human intervention. Inuktun’s adaptable remote inspection systems can be tailored to specific requirements and data requests. Whether assessing caissons and risers for manufacturing and in-service defects or employing ultrasonic testing to map corrosion coverage of offloading systems and floating platforms, IM3 technology can provide immediate feedback remotely.

Typical applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Surface profiling and pit, crack and damage sizing in defect regions of subsea infrastructure
  • Leak detection
  • Marine biofouling assessment and removal
  • Wall thickness measurement and quantifying metal loss
  • Concrete weight coating evaluation
  • Trench and concrete mattress loss appraisal
  • Anode wastage assessment
  • Pipeline displacement verification
  • Exploratory and research operations
  • Forensics or search and recovery
  • Marine security
  • Salvage operations

With product solutions mostly consisting of a minimum 100 metre (30 feet) depth rating — and options for significantly greater depths — Inuktun’s cameras and crawlers can efficiently provide critical data to operators and be further adjusted to perform secondary work including cleaning and maintenance operations. Eliminate the need for airlifting, maritime support vessels, and specialty trained personnel with our easily operable, highly reliable IM3 technology that can potentially pay itself back after two uses. In the splash zone and beyond.

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