Tank Inspection

Inuktun for Tank Inspection Applications

When storing potentially hazardous substances, tanks require regular inspection to ensure deterioration is detected at an early stage. Inuktun’s remotely operated cameras and crawlers help identify repairs needed before leakage failure, avoiding environment contamination, product loss and catastrophic failure. API-653 inspectors rely on accurate remote visual inspection equipment in order to assess and recertify tanks to industry standards. Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology is the reputable and accurate solution for above and below ground tank inspection.

Inuktun’s cameras and crawlers are used to:

  • Inspect storage tanks and associated containment areas in industrial plants, tank terminals and other locations
  • Gauge the precise volume and capacity of tanks
  • Measure the shell of tanks and extent of metal loss
  • Detect corrosion and delamination
  • Remove the need for costly scaffolding or rope access
  • Provide quick data collection in real time analysis

Storage tank inspection not only ensures the safety and integrity of tanks by preventing accidental leaks and avoiding costly decontamination, it provides critical data so life time and repair predictions can be made. Owners and operators are able to minimize out-of-service periods to ensure the maximum productivity of tanks. With current records of inspection for compliance, operators can secure and maintain their operating license and even negotiate lower insurance based on positive condition assessment results.

The integrity of a tank’s bottom or floor is the leading means of preventing product loss and associated damage to the environment. Our remote vehicle and camera systems are capable of also remotely inspecting the tank infrastructure of fixed or floating roofs including the dome and seals, shell aperture, evaluation of settlement, and strapping. Whichever way you look, we’ve got you covered!

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