About HSS Smart Utility Assistant ®

HSS Smart Utility Assistant is a free and professional comprehensive Android application. HSS Smart Utility Assistant is a reliable and useful tool for employers and contractors in different parts of the installation network and underground utility detection industry.  HSS Smart Utility Assistant lets the survey operators do the data collection, documentation, and reporting exactly in the operational field without any delay or possibility of losing data. They would be able to make a full report of collected data with GPS information and real pictures and then send it to the office manager in a second by any available application on their tablet or cell phone. HSS Smart Utility Assistant application includes five comprehensive applications:

  • HSS-APP Water Leak Detector
  • PERIJA Mini App
  • HSS-APP E Marker Detector
  • HSS-APP Water Meter Test Kit
  • HSS-APP Metal Detector

 All apps are available for free in the Google Play store at the below links. High Sense Solutions has designed and supplied these offline APPs to reduce implementation costs and data documentation in underground utility detection projects. All apps have general usage and are not dependent on any specific device.






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