DNR-18 - Water Leak Detector


DNR-18 featuring an original Noise Reduction System enables the operator to pinpoint difficult to find leaks in noisy environments during the day!With digital noise reduction that removes intermittent sounds like barking dogs and passing vehicles. DNR-18: the advanced digital CPU eliminates intermittent interfering noises, like passing vehicles, people talking, and pedestrian footsteps.

Traditional band-pass filters filter continuous noises, such as A/C hum, idling motors, and wind. While traditional filters are very useful, they are not able to filter out the common, intermittent noises with broad frequency ranges. DNR-18 has optional accessories for water leak “pinpointing” and water leak “surveying”.Graph the leak sound levels at 5-10 spots directly over the pipe. Let the DNR-18’s amplifier pinpoint the leak’s location for you instead of relying upon your hearing.


Noise reduction system This system eliminates unnecessary traffic noise, impact sound, the footstep and etc. can be removed at three levels since these various noises disturb your detection work on your site-survey.
Large LCD Large-scale LCD makes you to see easily is adopted. The level fluctuation, filter-setting, and simultaneously displayed, and it is excellent in the visibility. Moreover the recorded noise level value can be displayed, and the level value transition can be displayed in the graph. Notch filterBacklight helps you to work night and day.


Leak noise level recording functionThe data of 250 places can be recorded in the memory of main unit. You can use the data for your check and also for your report’s attached data.Notch filterNotch filter reduces A/C hum from transformer, power line and etc. Data output by USB terminal The stored minimum noise level value can be forwarded to PC easily and quickly by connecting USB terminal.Dustproof and water-resistant structure Dustproof and water-resistant function were equipped. Even if light rain and water splash on the site is ok.



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