HG-10AII - Water Leak Detector


This is the High Performance acoustic leak detector.
It has been 10 years since the HG-10All went on sale and this has built a solid reputation due to useful hand-switch and light weight sensor. It allows accurate pinpointing of the actual leak.
HG-10All professionals Water Leak Detector has optional 3 contact rod for Water leak surveying.

The new HG-10A Water Leak Detector designed on ergonomics and upgraded on the HG-10 well-reputed among professionals.All Keys have been arranged in the oblique lines faced to the hand of operator. The Large Control Knob is designed to be turned by a finger. The Large Meter deflects to be seen well and also indicates the residual power of Battery. The Amplifier of only 800g does not fatigue the operator on site.


  • Ground Microphone(Pick-up)equipped with the characteristic ball to break wind noise, has high sensitivity. (U.S.A.Patent 5,959, 210)
  • Lightweight Hand-set of only 500g including the Pick-up minimizes fatigue during the leak detection work continued for many hours.
  • Large Meter deflects sensitively and indicates clearly the intensity of leak sound.
  • Ergonomic Keys and Knob arranged on the panel have been designed for the work by one-handed operation.
  • Solidstate Component without leads is designed to minimize malfunction during the use of long time.



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