vCam Live View Mobile App - Software & App


The vCam Live View Mobile is an app that connects a smartphone or tablet to the vCam-6 or vCamMX-2 control modules via Wi-Fi and streams live video into the app. The videos and pictures captured in the app can be shared using the smartphone or tablets native sharing options.

What is seen on the control modules LCD is duplicated in the vCam Live View app. This will allow the contractor to keep everyone off the job site and still allow other to view the live inspection.


  • Send text to the control module screen
  • Add text to recording video or pictures
  • Keep customers off the job site
  • Send customers pictures and videos while you are still on the job site
  • Record video in HD or SD quality on the smartphone or tablet
  • Switch between HD and SD video stream
  • Rename files or folders of files
  • Edit files in Apple Movie Maker
  • Share via iOS sharing features (email, text message, DropBox, OneDrive)


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