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smallest and lightest-weight water leak detector
Made in: JAPAN

The LD-7 is the smallest and lightest-weight water leak detector yet it has a very sensitive ground sensor. With the listening rod connected to the ground sensor, listen to the sounds of water-leaks transmitted to faucets, meters and valves. Whether your needs are for water leak surveys or for water leak pinpointing in service lines or in buildings, the LD-7 offers excellent performance at a very reasonable price. The compact water leak detector of only 450gm designed for one-handed operation does not fatigue the operator workingThe characteristic Ball of Patent Pending eliminates the wind noise transmitted through the cable into the Pick-up of high sensitivity.on a site for many hours.

LD-7 Main Features

  • Compact amplifier (with mute switch) fits inside the palm of the user’s hand. Press the mute switch (on/off) to activate the leak sounds in the headphones, and then release the mute switch when moving the sensor (protects your hearing!).
  • Designed for all of the water leak detection applications, including leak surveys and leak pinpointing. Use the 3-point ground plate for pinpointing on streets and concrete slabs. Use the optional magnet base or the contact rod for leak surveys at hydrants, valves, or meters.
  • Extremely compact and lightweight. The entire LD-7 inside its aluminum carrying case measures only 380 160 110 mm, small enough to be stored behind the seat inside the cab of the truck.

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