Water Leak Detectors

Designing and production of Innovative and smart Products for detecting the exact location of water leaks in buried pipes is our specialty. High Sense Solutions’ water leak detectors with acoustic technology and using artificial intelligence plus noise analysis capabilities, make it possible to accurately locate leaks, however small. Wide frequency range, proper filtering, use of ALJ Automatic Leak Judgment (Smart leak detection using artificial intelligence algorithms), filteROT, and several other software and hardware capabilities make High Sense Solutions’ water leak effective tools in reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and reduction of water loss. High Sense Solutions’ water leak detectors along with specialized water leak detection applications are the best choices for performing water leak projects with the possibility of reporting and transferring information to GIS and Google Map software.


The LD-7 is the smallest and lightest-weight water leak detector yet it has a very sensitive ground sensor. With the listening rod connected to the

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The FSB-8D is a small, compact electronic sound detector for finding water leaks. Especially, FSB-8D is well-suited to Water Leak Surveying on pipe of Plastic

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DNR-18 featuring an original Noise Reduction System enables the operator to pinpoint difficult to find leaks in noisy environments during the day!With digital noise reduction

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Leakage control is being shifted from survey to monitoring. The unusual pipeline can be found by 3-process-step of the installation, the patrol and the analysis.

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LDR-20 water leak detector is highly sensitive and easier to detect leakage sound, and has a compact and lightweight design.

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Fuji Digital Quatro Correlator LC-5000 Especially, GPS equipped digital 4 point real time correlation type leak detector Product Specifications Main Unit External Dimensions : Approximately

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PERIJA Mini™ is equipped with Water Leakage Judgment mode and is well-suited to water leak surveying on plastic pipes like PVC and PE. PERIJA Mini™

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PERIJA is equipped with Water Leakage Judgment mode and is well-suited to water leak surveying and pinpointing on plastic pipes like PVC and PE. PERIJA

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PERIJA PLUS™ is a professional NRW (Non-Revenue Water) Reduction equipment. This newest water leak detector works in wide frequency range with 9 band-pass filters and

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