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correlation type leak detector
Made in: JAPAN

Fuji Digital Quatro Correlator LC-5000 Especially, GPS equipped digital 4 point real time
correlation type leak detector

Product Specifications
Main Unit
External Dimensions : Approximately 295 mm (W) x 175 mm (H) x 70 mm (D) (※ Antenna not included)
Power source : Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Preamplifier integrated sensor
External dimensions : Φ 78 mm (maximum) × 185 mm (H) (※ Excluding some protrusions such as antenna)
Power source : Rechargeable lithium ion battery


LC-5000 Main Features

☛ Improved workability by integrated preamplifier sensor
・Simultaneous correlation of up to 6 routes is possible using 4 sensors.
・Capable of survey in a condition with putting a lid on, installed in a fire hydrant or a valve housing
・Equipped with extension cable for which antenna can be installed near the ground when installing
in a deep place
・Stable radio communication
・Capable for long distance survey by radio relay function.
・Logger function is installed and record water leakage sound by a timer at a place where there are
many cars on the day and survey at midnight etc. and possible of correlation calculation later on.
・GPS is equipped and acquire the position information of installation place.
・Compact and light weight
☛ Improvement of the correlation function
・Highly accurate correlation calculation with quadrupling of conventional correlation score
・Perform correlation calculation from saved recording data
・Recalculate by changing piping information of acquired data
☛ Various optional sensor
・"Tube wall type sensor" can be used even in a narrow situation where preamplifier integrated
sensor does not enter
・Fire hydrant installation type "Hydrophone sensor" corresponding to leakage of resin pipe
・"Insert type large diameter sensor" corresponding to large diameter pipe leakage
☛ Digital radio adoption
・Compatible with Radio act (Standard Number: ARIB STD-T108) *In Japan
・Possible to use with confidence after December 2022 *In Japan
・Preamplifier setting away from Main unit can be changed

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